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Employment law is meant to protect you from unfair treatment while you're at work. It also covers things like OSHA workplace safety guidelines and which benefits employers must provide. If you suspect your employer has broken the law, talk to an employment law attorney about your situation for free. People with employment law attorneys usually get at least five times as much money than those who don't have one. You're also more than twice as likely to win if you have a lawyer vs. trying to represent yourself. Best of all, working with an attorney costs you nothing out of your own pocket.

Employment law governs most job-related issues, rights, and protections. However, employment law attorneys do not handle claims for people sickened, injured, or killed on the job.

Our experienced attorneys in your area can help with:

  • Wrongful termination (i.e., fired you for a reason that's specifically illegal under federal law)
  • Discrimination (i.e., being treated unfairly based on your age, gender, religion/faith, race, national origin, or sexual identity)
  • Harassment (i.e., a pattern of offensive, inappropriate, or unwanted behavior or physical contact that may or may not be sexual in nature)
  • Unpaid overtime (i.e., expecting you to work more than 40 hours per week for less than $455 unless you're an exempt employee)
  • Hostile work environments (i.e., physical and/or verbal abuse, intimidation, insults, violence)
Workers' Comp versus Employment Law

Employment Lawyers Make You At Least 2x More Likely to Win

In addition to federal laws that protect your rights at work, every state has its own unique laws for employers. So, it's often hard to understand whether your employer is following or ignoring the laws that apply to your case. Some employers may fail to follow important OSHA safety regulations or guidelines regarding protective gear, for example. Or ignore laws that determine how long and when you can take time off to care for a sick relative.

Employment law decides whether you may qualify for unemployment benefits once you leave your job. It also gives you the right to seek compensation if you're the victim of illegal discrimination or harassment at work. EmploymentAttorneyHome.com can connect you with an experienced local lawyer who's available to review your employment law claim free of charge. Having an employment law attorney makes your employer more than twice as likely to pay you a cash settlement.

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Employment law is complex, and every state's laws are different. You need to talk to an attorney to see if you have a legitimate case as soon as possible. During your consultation, the attorney will listen to your complaints and then advise you on how to proceed. The sooner you sign up for this free consultation, the better. Federal law says you have six months or less to file claims for certain issues, so don't wait! Fill out the form on this page to request your free employment law consultation today.

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