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Texas Unemployment Fund Nearly Broke

Officials with the Texas Workforce Commission have announced that as many as 82,000 recipients of unemployment benefits in the state will face delays in getting their money as the agency scrambles to borrow $634 million from the federal government.

Unemployed Texans who were eligible for automatic 13-week extension soon will not see the benefits until the state can work out computer issues and comply with federal regulations. Officials are assuring those who are eligible that the benefits will be retroactive to when they should have been renewed.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Ritchie criticized Governor Rick Perry for turning down $556 million in federal stimulus funds to expand the state’s unemployment benefits.

“Unfortunately, hardworking Texas taxpayers and struggling businesses will shoulder the burden of Rick Perry’s failure to do the right thing for our state and accept the unemployment insurance funds,” Richie said.

Perry said that borrowing from the federal government to shore up unemployment trust funds is routine and that expanding the state’s unemployment system would have been a burden on businesses for years to come.

Unemployment On The Rise, Will Benefits Be There

Unemployment rates in all 50 states rose in December, according to a report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor Tuesday.

While numbers are worst in the Midwest and West, areas hit hard by the downturn in housing and manufacturing which continue to decline, the Northeast saw unemployment rise in the financial industry and the Southeast lost the buffer of high energy prices that helped stem job losses there.

The report shows that almost two million jobs in the last four months of 2008, putting strain on state budgets and exhausting state unemployment funds.

The economic stimulus plan working its way through Congress includes money to help states struggling to bridge budget deficeits, but will there be enough money to replenish already depleted unemployment funds?