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Workplace Safety in Ohio

If you live and work in Ohio, workplace safety is something important to you. When you consider that you probably spend at least 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week or more in your workplace, this makes workplace safety in Ohio especially important to you.

Your workplace in Ohio is probably different from the workplace a generation ago. At that time, businesses were dependent on motion or repetitive action to produce their product. The primary focus was on manufacturer’s production lines inside a shipping, receiving or storage area.

Today’s workplace is much larger than an assembly line. The workplace of today is not always stationary. It is now also mobile, involving the highways and byways that crisscross America.

What is meant by a workplace? A workplace is by definition, “a place where commerce is conducted.” This means that any place where work is carried on is a workplace. This can be in a building, office or motor vehicle.

What does workplace safety have to do with? Workplace safety has to do with the working environment at your Ohio workplace. It takes in all of the factors that involve your safety, health and well-being.

This means that many things are included in workplace safety in Ohio. It deals with drug and alcohol abuse, workplace harassment and violence, environmental hazards and unsafe working conditions or processes.

Workplace safety is protected at the national level by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are three stated goals that are the cornerstones of OSHA’s policies and regulations. They are:

  • Change workplace culture to increase employer and worker awareness of, commitment to and involvement in safety and health.
  • Secure public confidence through excellence in the development and delivery of OSHA’s programs and services.
  • Improve the safety and health for all workers, as evidenced by fewer hazards, reduced exposures, and fewer injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

The federal guidelines of OSHA are complemented by state regulations in Ohio. The Division of Labor and Worker Safety of the State of Ohio Department of Commerce has the responsibility of insuring the health and safety of Ohio workers in their workplace. The aim of this agency is to make sure that the workplace in Ohio is safe and free from hazards that are likely to cause serious physical harm or death to workers.

How important is workplace safety? How big of an issue is it? What can be done to improve and enhance workplace safety? These are critical questions concerning workplace safety in Ohio.

To begin with, workplace safety in Ohio is an issue of great importance. This can be seen from many things. It is important from a financial standpoint for both the employee and the company. Every year, workplace accidents cost millions of dollars in production, medical bills, lost time, workers compensation and many other items.

There are also many indirect costs of an accident that take into effect the sometimes immeasurable costs of lost production and efficiency on a company-wide basis. Some of these costs are:

  1. Replacement or repair of damaged equipment or materials.
  2. Overtime to make up for loss of production.
  3. Training replacement workers
  4. Wages for lost time of uninjured workers

Workplace safety in Ohio is important because you need to feel safe and comfortable in order to do your job well. It should be obvious that your production is going to be hurt if you feel unsafe, threatened, anxious or worried about your safety and health.

Workplace safety in Ohio is important because it affects more than just you if you are injured at your workplace. It also affects your family and friends. Your workplace injury can be devastating to your family and friends.

Human resource is the most important resource an employer can have. For you to be lost either temporarily or permanently is also why workplace safety is so important.

As you can see, workplace safety in Ohio is an extremely large and important issue. This is why laws affecting workplace safety in Ohio are continually being added, changed or amended to guarantee your safety and health on the job.

Considering how important workplace safety is, what can be done to improve and advance workplace safety in Ohio? Are there things that can be done to make the Ohio workplace safer?

The answer to these questions is, “Yes.” There are things that can be done to improve and enhance workplace safety in Ohio. Some of the things that can be done are:

  1. Safety training programs should be set up to teach employees how to handle the dangers and risks that they face in their work.
  2. Safety policies and procedures should be put in place to educate employees in using tools and machinery in a safe, responsible manner.
  3. Employees are reminded of the need and importance of workplace safety when safety goals are set up.
  4. Violence at the workplace must be dealt with and eliminated. Management must take all of the steps necessary to insure that employees are protected from harassment, torture or ill-treatment from other employees.
  5. The formation of a safety committee will show how much importance and emphasis the company places on workplace safety.
  6. Implementing an ongoing study and analysis of the accidents that happen can help show where the greatest likelihoods and risks are for accidents. Steps can then be taken to prevent them from happening.

Workplace safety in Ohio may hold a special interest for you. You or a friend or loved one may have been injured at the workplace in Ohio. Problems and difficulties may have occurred in getting the accident settled and resolved by your employer. You may believe that you have not been treated in accordance with the law.

What can you do? Where do you go for help? Who can you turn to?

You or your friend or loved one may need the help of a legal professional. You may need the help of an attorney who knows and specializes in employment law in Ohio. You need an employment attorney.