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Employment Law

You may have been a victim of harassment on your job. You may have been discriminated against by your employer. Or, your employer may have denied or be contesting a workers' compensation claim.

If any of the above situations are true concerning you and your employment, you have more than just a passing interest in employment law. This is something of vital importance to you and your family. In fact, you may have a real need for the services of an employment attorney.

An employment attorney is the one who can help you in matters relating to employment, the workplace and employment law. Employmentattorneyhome.com is the place where you will find a qualified employment attorney. Employmentattorneyhome.com is the Web site where you will find a proven employment attorney who can help you with harassment, discrimination, workers' compensation claims or other problems and difficulties that you are having in your workplace or with your employer.

Employment law is a broad area of law. It deals with how employers treat employees, former employees and applicants in all areas of the relationship except negotiation and the collective bargaining process, which are covered under labor law. Employment law encompasses a wide variety of issues. Some of these issues are:

There was practically no protection for employees less than a century ago. Employers treated their employees just about any way they wanted to with little or no redress for the employee. Many employers paid their employees as little as possible and worked them for as many hours as they could get out of them. Working conditions were often deplorable, unclean and filthy. Many times the workplace was hazardous, placing the employees in the likelihood of injury, illness or death. In addition, there were no benefits offered to workers like workers' compensation or health insurance in the event of an accident on the job. Even children had to work under this employment abuse.

Many people left their rural, agricultural life to live in the city and work in a factory as the Industrial Revolution swept across the United States, Europe, and the rest of what is referred to as the industrialized world. It was obvious that the government would have to intervene to establish and protect the rights of workers as the number of employees increased and working conditions grew worse and worse. These initial efforts eventually gave way to modern employment law.

The purpose of employment law is to protect you as an employee from any mistreatment by your employer. Some of the first items addressed by early employment laws were establishing fair wages, preventing children from being exploited and limiting the number of hours worked in a week. Employers were also required to protect their employees and prevent dangerous accidents, as well as providing a clean workplace. These basic benefits are still an important part of current employment law.

Although there are several laws that have been passed dealing with various aspects of employment, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is probably the most significant piece of legislation that has been enacted in the United States regarding employment law, to protect human rights and to fight discrimination in the workplace. Title VII of this act prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established in 1965 to enforce the laws against discrimination in the workplace and also oversee and coordinate all Federal equal employment opportunity regulations, practices and policies.

Employment law has also established standards that are mandatory for employers regarding benefits provided to you as an employee. Benefits like health insurance, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation are all due to provisions established by employment law.

Employment law is an integral part of the government of the United States effort to protect your rights as human beings, especially those rights in the workplace from your employer. Employment law is what ensures that you cannot be overworked as an employee. It ensures that you cannot be placed to work in an unhealthy or dangerous environment or rendered unable to work without appropriate compensation. Employment law is what stands between you as an employee and crimes that were widespread less than a century ago.

As mentioned at the beginning, you may have faced or be facing discrimination or harassment in one form or another in your workplace or from your employer. You may have been fired or laid-off in an unjust or unfair way. There may be other work related issues or problems that you are dealing with.

You may have tried to handle these matters yourself and been unsuccessful. Employment law is a broad area of law and requires the services of a legal professional.

You may ask, "What is an employment attorney? How can they help me? Do I really need an employment attorney?"

An employment attorney is a legal professional who specializes in matters regarding employment. A personal injury lawyer specializes in cases involving an injury that has happened to you in things like a car accident. A dui attorney specializes in cases involving drunk driving. In the same way, an employment attorney specializes in cases regarding employment. An employment attorney specializes in issues involving employee, employer, and employment rights.

Things regarding your employment are extremely serious matters. These are things that may affect you and your family for the rest of your lives. Family and general practice lawyers are excellent, but are they the ones to use in matters of employment.

You need an attorney who knows and specializes in employment law. You need an attorney who works with employment cases every day. You need an employment attorney.

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